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First thing’s first – CONGRATULATIONS on your engagement, celebrations are truly in order!

What is a Marriage Officer or Officiant?

Someone who is registered with Home Affairs and designated to legally marry South African citizens and/or non-South African citizens in South Africa.

Can a Marriage Officer marry anyone?

The South African constitution allows for officiants to marry couples under either the Marriage Act or the Civil Union Act.
This is dependant on the designation of the Marriage Officer.

Why choose a Marriage Officer?

While some couples are already affiliated with a church or place of worship, and already have their trusted religious head lined up for the task, others don’t necessarily have such contacts and will now need to set out to find a great marriage officer to officiate their special day.
Non-denominational, Civil Union Marriage Officers will also marry individuals who have been married before, couples who both want their different and individual religions incorporated into their ceremony, and same-sex couples.

Important aspects to consider when choosing a Marriage Officiant:

  • Check the Marriage Officers’ website and or social media pages for testimonials and referrals from couples they have married. Based on this, you should be confident that the officiant is both reliable, professional and reputable.
  • Ensure your Marriage officer is certified and currently designated as a Marriage Officer with the department of Home Affairs.
  • Meet with the Marriage Officer before your big day.
  • You and your fiancé need to be comfortable and connect with the person who will be officiating your marriage, as this role is of a very personal nature. The Officiant sets the tone for your wedding day, right from the start of the ceremony – it’s a big moment!
  • It is important to ask if the Marriage Officer is flexible in terms of the ceremony such as the style and content that best suits you. For example; if you are doing your own vows, religious/non-religious, or if you are wanting to add a poem or reading, or perhaps a symbolic or religious gesture that you would like incorporated.

Possibly the most important aspect to secure for your wedding day, the one thing that makes it all happen (and legal), is your Marriage Officiant.  Meet with, and secure your chosen Marriage Officer as soon as possible, as the very good ones, get booked up very quickly.

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Christa Lizamore

Hi.  My name is Christa and I’m a registered Marriage officer at the Department of Home Affairs in South Africa and can officiate your marriage at any venue of your choice.

As a vibrant young woman, I love to share in and add value, to the happiest day in people’s lives – your wedding day.

At my best, I strive to make the ceremony, YOUR ceremony, one of personal meaning and beautiful memories. Saying your vows and making promises to each other, is ultimately the core of your wedding day, thus, a light-hearted and meaningful ceremony, coupled with a dash of humour, creates the perfect balance.

Ceremonies are done in English and/or Afrikaans, offering religious & non-religious to any gender couple or culture.

Everything is taken care of, from the ceremony, to the legalities and registration with Home Affairs, ensuring that you can focus on YOUR special day.

I would love to meet with you and your fiancé to discuss the finer details of your wedding ceremony and how I can add the most value. This is your big day after all, and just like you, my wish for you, is for this day, to be everything you have always dreamed of and more.

Right, that’s enough about me – Let’s hear all about the two of you!

Contact me so that we can arrange a coffee and chat about what you have in mind for YOUR big day!

Info and documents required to get married in South Africa

Getting legally married can sometimes be very overwhelming and stressful.  Allow me to assist you in streamlining this process, by guiding and helping you every step of the way.

Based on past experience and having assisted many couples in this regard, I can offer you detailed assistance and legally marry: both SA citizens wanting to get married in SA, both Non-SA citizens wanting to get married in SA and SA and Non-SA citizen wanting to get married in SA.

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Depending on what your requirements are, I offer the following:

Smaller ceremonies with your loved ones at the privacy of your home (meeting, ceremony, signing and submitting to Home Affairs)

Petite weddings where you have a beautiful venue for 2 hours for your ceremony and to capture your big day- contact me for more detail.

Weddings at venues (meeting, ceremony, signing, submitting to Home Affairs & travel)

Destination weddings in South Africa - contact me for more detail.

I submit your marriage to SA Home Affairs on your behalf

Legalities only (signing and submitting to Home Affairs)

Unabridged certificate and Apostille stamp if required.

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Got Questions?


Here are some of the most common questions, along with the complete answers from our support team.

The constitutional Act states that you can get married in a public office, or private dwelling-house or on premises used for such purposes by a Marriage Officer. I do travel and can marry you at my office, the privacy of your home, or a wedding venue of your choice.

Yes, most certainly. If you are two foreigners, you can get legally married in SA. There is a pre-process if you’re are a non-SA getting married to a SA citizen. You both need to attend an Interview with the Immigration officer before I can marry you legally. Please feel free to contact me for me for more info and guidance on this process in order for me to best assist you.

Luckily not! This forms part of my service for you. I go to Home Affairs and submit your marriage register for them to be able to update your new status on the Population System.

An Abridged Marriage Certificate (AMC) is a printed certificate from Home Affairs and is a valid and recognised document in South Africa. An Unabridged Marriage Certificate (UMC) is an International marriage certificate. The UMC is needed when you want to immigrate or want to register your marriage in another country.

If you want to get married out of community of property a prenup/ANC or marriage contract is needed. You need to consult an attorney to arrange this for you and have them submit to the Deeds office. If you want to get married in community of property, no contact is needed and by default, without a contract in place, you will be married in community of property.

*VERY important, the prenup needs to be signed and dated before your wedding day if the prenup is dated after your marriage, the contract is null and void*

I will give you your marriage certificate on your wedding day, which is a legal document in SA.

How long will it take for the marriage to be registered on the population system at Home Affairs?

I will need your copy final divorce decree or death certificate to present to Home Affairs as supporting documents needed when I submit your marriage register.

Yes, anyone can be a witness, as long as the person is older than 18 years of age.

Very much the same as heterosexual marriages. The process is governed by a different Act but pretty much all the same rules apply.



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